Impatiently Waiting

As seasons are changing and days all fly by,

It starts to feel warmer, yet I wonder why;

The sun shines bright, but the snowfall is nigh,

My plans for the spring are shot.

I’m planning for warmth to finish my tasks,

The year says it’s here, but I fear it’s all masks;

As I’m grasping for change but snow kicks my ass,

Spring will not be forgot.

Trying to outrun this scheduled season,

My projects are needed to be done with reason;

Sadly, my hands and feet are prone to freezin’,

Because winter is too damn long!

via Grasp


My First Blog!

Hello, random audience! Today, I would like to welcome you to my very first Blog! It’s basically an introduction and a little about me, my life, and my goals/reasons on posting my journey through life!

It’s a bit exciting, as I just obtained the laptop I’ve been working so hard for, as well as all the exciting things going on in life right now. I guess this is as good a place to start as any to explain a bit.

I’ve been working since I’ve been 15 with no missing time in between jobs. If I wasn’t working at a place of employment, I was tasking myself with assisting others with various hobbies and projects; basically trying to build up my skills in different fields while learning as much as I could. Jack of all trades, so to speak.

I’ve met a beautiful girl almost 2 years ago, and felt ecstatic with her ever since. Everyday, something new about her shows, or we learn about each other and experience something new. We have similiar goals, views differ on certain aspects, and it’s followed with understanding, yet playful banter. She makes life fun and educational. Yes, there are stressful moments for us, but we handle it well, and it passes quickly. As for most parents, life has its hardships… And as for pseudo-parents, it also has it’s hardships. Together, we get it, and we push through and life tends to get better. She is great, and I’m thankful to have her with me.

Along with this angel, she brings into my life 2 children of her own. Oldest daughter of 8, and young son of 4. I’m only getting the quick version of babyhood and elementary ages, yet the relationships with them grew very quickly. I see great things in these kids, and it excites me to be able to teach them things I’ve learned at their age. I can’t wait to see them grow and see what the can become!

Back on topic.. I guess my blogging journey starts here, and with it, I’d like to share my adventures with this little family. It’s going to be more of my personal aspect on certain topics about what I go through, what I’ve learned, and the steps I take to reach my goals; get to where I want to be.

I also would like to reinforce topics and standings about people in the position I’m in. I’ve gotten a lot of stabs, retorts, ruined relationships, stressors, and loss of respect with people because of where I’m at.

I know I’m not the only one, so by sharing my experiences, my learned skills and/or information about my life and what I go through, I hope can help others avoid or endure their path to success. Other pages will be uploaded explaining certain aspects in depth and how I handle them.

My aim is to help those who need it, inform those who want it, and track my experiences. Life is as exciting as you make it, and knowing how to make it fun is the key to enjoying it! I hope to bring good content to those who enjoy reading, and that it helps them see things in a different light, a best possible perspective!