About This Blog!

This blog is my attempt at trying to reach out to the masses, to offer a hand at unifying us, teaching ourselves through my efforts on how to overcome obstacles in life, how to glance at the bright side of every situation, and how to learn different things in our lives to add essential skills and outlooks. I want to inspire growth, I want to inspire teamwork, and I want to pull out the drive in people to succeed in their lives!


I plan to share with the reader everything I learn, ranging from financial knowledge, skills I learned from a personal point of view, personal fitness and health maintenance, all the way to being a pseudo-father, co-parenting, pet training and furniture restoration!


Please follow my page as I do my best to be the rock to lean on, as well as the shovel to dig ourselves out of the holes we might be in. Keep in mind, it’s our efforts that get us to where we wanna be, and our mindset that sets us in the right direction.


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